Knowledge Sharing Workshop on Promising Practices in Labour Inspection and Child Labour Elimination in Hard to Reach Sectors in the ASEAN Member States


May 24-26, 2017, Seam Reap, Cambodia 


Accelerating Actions towards ending Child Labour is essential for achieving decent work and for contributing to the economic and social development of ASEAN Member States. This workshop was an opportunity for tripartite delegations to share good practices within ASEAN as well as discuss action for accelerating national level strategies to eliminate child labour.

As a contribution towards strengthening the ability of national labour inspection systems to combat child labour, consistent with the ASEAN Labour Ministers’ Work Programme 2016-2020, the Knowledge Sharing Workshop was held in Seam Reap, Cambodia from 24-26 May 2017 under the theme “Promising Practices in Labour Inspection  and Child Labour Elimination in Hard to Reach Sectors in the AEAN Member States”. The workshop was attended by tripartite delegations from countries of Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Government observer from Timor Leste, ASETUC, ATUC, ILO, FAO, UNICEF, USDOL, GIZ and the ASEAN Secretariat.

 The Trade Union moderates the Session on Urban Challenge and Promising Practices and Advocacy Session. There is an advocacy from the delegates for a 1 Million Child free from Child Labour by 2025. As an intervention from the ASETUC, Sis Michelle Belino mentioned that one of the main activities in the ASETUC Youth Committee is ensuring the rights of the children are promoted, protected and defended including the elimination of any forms of Child Labour. In the Asia Pacific Region, Our vision is to improve the image of Trade Union towards the Community through Social Movement Unionism and with that, ASETUC Youth adopted a Youth project from Philippines, the Payatas Feeding Project wherein the main source of living is through scavenging and children in their early age are helping their parents instead of going to school. Other countries in AP Region have also conducting such activities and strongly campaigning for the elimination of Child Labour.

 The 3-days workshop includes the visit to Brick-making in Seam Reap with Cambodia Labour Inspector, we interviewed some of the workers and they mentioned that youth can start working in the Brick making at age 17. But sometimes there are as early as 15 who started working. We also noticed that there are no deep well in the area, so the families inside have big tanks and full it with rain water for their daily consumption. The daily wage starts at USD1.50 for brick making.

For closing, ASETUC was given an opportunity to say something for the closing remarks. Sis Michelle addressed that on behalf of ASEAN Services Employees Trade Union Council (ASETUC), they would like to thank the organizers, ILO for inviting them to the knowledge sharing workshop on Promising practices in labour inspection and child labour eliminations in hard to reach sectors of ASEAN Member States.  The role of trade unions in hard to reach sectors have a little union presence ASETUC will continue to be partners in awareness raising and campaigning the elimination of child labour in their sectors. The need to push for the inclusion and participation of youth and women in Labour Inspections and Child Labour elimination is very important. The joint collaboration with relevant agencies in combatting child labour requires clear understanding of what role each agency plays when undertaking joint inspection. As delegates go back to their own countries, the continuation of this knowledge sharing practices and strong campaign on elimination of child labour in ASEAN Region will be pushed.

And with that, ASETUC congratulates all the participants for the successful workshop and thank the kingdom of Cambodia for the warm welcome.