Cambodia lifts freeze on maids to Malaysia

Recently, Cambodia has lifted its six-year freeze on its citizens working in Malaysia as maids. The first group is expected to arrive at Malaysia after the Hari Raya celebration mostly probably in July. This was agreed during the visit of Human Resources Minister of Malaysia, Datuk Seri Richard Riot Jaem to Cambodia.

General Secretary of ASEAN Services Employees Trade Union Council (ASETUC), Mohamed Shafie BP Mammal applauds some of the initiatives currently being taken in line with recruitment of domestic workers in Malaysia. First is the launching of guidelines and tips for employers of foreign domestic workers. This guideline contains useful information on laws and best practices related to recruitment and employment of foreign domestic workers. Besides that, he also mentioned that it is highly commendable that this document is jointly produced by the Ministry and International Labour Organisation (ILO). Also, it is good that this guideline is launched right after the lifting of freeze for Cambodia citizens to work in Malaysia as maids as it creates a positive impression.

Another initiative is that the Cambodian domestic workers are required to be trained for at least a month before they can be employed. This training is important as they will be feel more at ease carrying out their daily task over here once trained and therefore, less conflicts will take place. The training will involve procedures to perform daily chores and communication in local languages. The communication in local language not only helps them in managing their daily tasks but also smoothens their adaptation to the lifestyle here.

Lastly, Mohamed Shafie mentioned that with these initiatives, a harmonious relationship between employers and domestic workers could be reached.


The guidelines for bringing domestic workers could be retrieved here :

The newly launched guidelines for employers of foreign domestic helper could be retrieved from Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia webpage or International Labour Organisation (ILO) webpage